CTP for Wearable products
  • CTP for Wearable products

CTP for Wearable products

compared with the traditional intelligent products Wearable products’ biggest difference is more changeable, appearance ,closer to the demand of human body engineering the current mainstream of ITO material cannot meet the requirements of the special model of surface deformation, therefore TWS use special flexibile material instead of ITO material to design the product combined the actual demand we choose more cost-effective, higher integration, high light solution
  • Feature
     -human body engineering,innovative appearance design 
    -2.5D or 3D glass cover lens
    -Excellent bendable performance 
    -simplified peripheral circuit design, suitable for nowadays wearable trend 
    -Better reliability 
  • Advantages
    Advantages of our CTP for wearable consummer electronics:
    Bendable smart terminal products,compared with the traditional ones,their appearances are more variable appearances, are much closer to the demand of human body engineering , have more thorough higher requirements on the curved surface, 3D, weight, and thickness.But at present, the mainstream ITO materials of the touch panel industry can not meet the special requirements of the surface deformation.TWS will use special material which is bendable and suitable for curved surface application,to replace ITO materials, to design and manufacture customized products.And TWS can provide extremely cost-effective,more integrated,and lighter solution,tailored to customer's needs.